About Us

Best-In-Breed Philosophy

HBS incorporates a best-of-breed philosophy in developing systems and processes that offer our clients greater efficiency and profitability.

Some of our tools consist of:
• Smart technology for mapping 835 and 837 files allowing for unequaled data mining and parsing.
• Building robust workflows in a rules-based environment utilizing any specific criteria such as:
   – Payers
   – Balances
   – Denial Types
   – Subject Matter Expert Staff
   – Follow-Up Timeframes
   – Physicians and Clinical Staff

• Reporting module capable of producing scheduled and adhoc reporting on:
   – Any Component of 835 and 837 Data
   – Accounts Receivable and Other Transactional Data
   – Full Range of Denial Reporting
   – Root-Cause Denial Analytics
   – Follow-Up Timeframes
   – Trending Across All Revenue Cycle Functions

• e-Learning training database enabling staff to complete all modules online:
   – Allows our training and management team to view progress including all competency scores
   – Certification Programs designed towards enhancing financial performance

Our Core Values

• Integrity Without Compromise
– Doing what we say we are going to do

• Collaboration
– Leveraging our collective genius

• It's The People
– Our strength and competitive advantage is, and will always be, our people

• Accountability
– We all own the success of the team, and take personal responsibility for delivering great results

• Quality
– We innovate to drive growth, and continuously improve everything we do

Health Business Solutions Core Values

Corporate Compliance

Our Compliance Program focuses on maintaining the highest level of professional and ethical standards in the conduct of our business.

We achieve maximum compliance by:

  • • Ensuring all HBS staff maintains the highest level of honesty, integrity and ethical practices.
  • • Requiring all HBS to adhere to internal corporate compliance policies, as well as applicable state and federal laws and regulations.
  • • Providing annual HIPAA and Security Regulation compliance training to all HBS staff members.
  • • Retaining external professional legal support as our Compliance Coordinator.
  • • Allowing open access to our Compliance Coordinator to respond to inquiries regarding appropriate billing, documentation, coding and business practices and investigates any allegations of possible impropriety.